For the Lord your God is bringing
you into a good land — Det. 8:7

Who Are We?

Jose and Esther have lived in Tampa, Florida since they were children.  They met as kids and became high school sweethearts.  After graduation, they got married and began their life together.

Having been born in a Christian home, Esther learned to reverence God at an early age and accepted Jesus as an adolescent. Jose came to know Jesus as his savior later following the birth of both their daughters.  In 1993 Jose traveled to Honduras to build a soup kitchen not realizing it would be his first mission trip. He had no idea how much that trip would change his life forever.

As an educator, Esther encountered many with various needs.  However, the occurrence of her first mission trip years later would also prove to transform her life.

Today, their drive and efforts are inspired to impact a new generation.  Their parentage instinct reflects a valiant yearning in aiding lives living for Christ.  The desire to graft GOD’s love through JESUS remains their constant goal.

Esther always describes this passionate emotion as an investment.

“We want to invest in the Kingdom of God for today and tomorrow.  More than life and pleasure and recreation, we want to see lives impacted with the love of Christ.   We want to see souls serving GOD with all their heart and recognizing the true Savior as JESUS Christ.

The zeal we have with Camp Buena Tierra is to provide a place in Central America that will operate and function as an educational center and retreat.”

With God’s blessing, Buena Tierra is the home and beginning of ARISE Bible College.

Our Vision

The vision of BUENA TIERRA is to be a Christian resource center housing ARISE Bible College.
ARISE Bible College endeavors to teach the Word of GOD while edifying the human spirit, because,

“Man does not live on bread alone but on every word, that comes for the mouth of the LORD,   Det.8:3”

The aim of ARISE Bible College is to disciple Christians and train Christian leaders by offering affordable and conveniently located education.


Buena Tierra will offer Christian believers the opportunity to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how to spread the Word of God effectively. 

 Our goal is to strengthen and educate Christians as they study and learn to advance the Kingdom of GOD. 

We dedicate this “good land” as a dwelling place for GOD to be celebrated, praised and honored always.

Camp B.T. would like to acknowledge ARISE Church of Brandon for supporting our ministry.   

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